Lady Gaga Tweets Title Of Her Upcoming Album, Rumors Fly Lindsay Lohan Will Star In Music Video

Lady Gaga & Taylor
The couple skinny dip and post the picture to her website.
Lady Gaga & Lindsay Lohan
The two have become fast friends, read on for details.
Who knew that Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan were friends?

I sure didn’t, but I’m not opposed. Lindsay has been trying to make a comeback and maybe Gaga’s influence is just the push she needs to get it together. Regardless, the two have been spotted hanging out at Chateau Marmont and even had a sleepover. Gaga posted a picture of them on her Little Monsters website with Gaga in a tiara and pearls (of course!) while Lindsay covered her mouth with a French-manicured hand.

But it seems as if Gaga is ready to take their friendship to the next level and has asked Lindsay to star in her next music video for her upcoming album ARTPOP. The singer tweeted the name of the new album, that does not have a release date yet, and recently blasted a new song into the streets of New York City leaving fans begging for more.

What else does Gaga have up her sleeve? Read on to find out.

Some people are (rightly) skeptical of Gaga’s friendship and business offer to Lohan. After all, she has not proved herself worthy of much in the past, although she has been trying. She has recently starred in films like LIfetime movie Liz & Dick, and The Canyons,co-starring with male porn star James Deen.

Who says we give Lindsay a chance? Lady Gaga does!

One observer said, “Why this huge artist – who could literally have anyone she wants (see boyfriend Taylor Kinney) – chose someone currently at the bottom of the Hollywood food chain remains a mystery.”

Now I say that’s the wrong attitude to have. Lindsay has messed up in the past but maybe Gaga’s hardworking and outrageous influence is what she needs. A friend to inspire her to work hard and get fans back. If the rumors are true and Lindsay will be in Gaga’s next music video, that will be a huge opportunity for Lindsay. She has been doing low key work to build herself back up, but Lady Gaga is the real thing, a legit mainstream famed and loved artist.

The last star of Gaga’s music video, “You & I”, male model Taylor Kinney, ended up getting a girlfriend out of the job. The two have been together publicly since December 2011 but met the previous July when the video was filmed. She recently visited him in Chicago this past weekend during Lollapalooza and also recently a quite scandalous picture of the two skinny dipping together.

As for now, both Gaga and Lindsay’s reps have neither confirmed nor denied the collaboration for the upcoming music video, but here’s to hoping!