Lady Gaga To Unveil New Singles On Farmville

Lady Gaga is taking a new approach to releasing her new album, Born This Way.  She-who-emerges-from-an-egg will debut Gagaville on a section of the online game Farmvile, according to Gaga Daily.  From May 17th-19th, Gaga’s little monsters will be treated to unicorns, crystals and motorcycles-all representative of her new album-in Gagaville.  Players will complete tasks on Farmville to unveil a new (and unreleased!) song per day.

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Gaga said, “I want to celebrate and share Born This Way with my little monsters in a special way that’s never been done before… Zynga has created a magical place in FarmVille where my fans can come play and be the first to listen to the album.”

Gaga was spotted leaving rehearsals in Cannes today in her usual get-up.  Love everything BUT the hair.  I don’t jive with Cruella De Vil.

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