Lady Gaga To Perform At Bill Clinton’s Concert, Looks Like Madonna In New Video

October 14th, 2011 // 11 Comments

Lady Gaga will join Usher, Bono and Kenny Chesney will join forces at the Hollywood Bowl tomorrow (October 14th) to celebrate former president Bill Clinton and the 10th anniversary of his Clinton Foundation, according to Us Weekly.

PHOTOS: Gaga Is A Vision In White Lace

Billed as the “Decade Of Difference” concert, the event will celebrate Clinton’s efforts over the past ten years to stimulate the economy and improve the environment.  The concert will stream live online only on Yahoo at 7 p.m. EST.


By Kelly Lynch

  1. The Truth

    Are you kidding me? Gaga’s video is barely done filming and is weeks away from release and you losers are already trying to discredit it with pathetic comparisons to Madonna? Oooh, her outfit kind of looked like something Madonna wore 25 freaking years ago, ooh, the horror, the horror. Truly pathetic. You were even in such a rush to post this slam that you spelled the name of the Madonna song wrong. The worst part of this nonsense is that it is resulting in people who don’t know better thinking that Madonna was an original which is ridiculous. Madonna stole everything she did from other performers from Marilyn and Ann-Margret to Debbie Harry and MJ. She just happened to do it in an age where the entire world didn’t have instant access to the comparisons.

    These constant attempts to marginalize Gaga by accusing her of stealing from everyone under the sun are really getting old. How many people even knew Bette Midler was still alive before all the Gaga haters had a hissy fit about Gaga performing as a mermaid as Midler did FORTY years ago? Because apparently Midler invented mermaids and nobody has ever performed as one since she did it FORTY years ago. Yeah, right.

    Gaga is one of the most talented performers to come along in years. People that know REAL talent recognize that. I’m referring to people like Elton John, Jimmy Iovine, Tony Bennett. Your swipes at her really only reveal your own ignorance.

    • marshallx

      blah blah blah…The Truth sounds like a pathetic monster trying to justify Gaga directing hatred towards Madonna…very stupid and petty move for such a lost cause…we all know Gaga is a pathetic Madonna wanna be, so no matter how much shit you try to spit over Madonna to make Gaga seem better in all levels, you’ll fail epicly…what would u say if Katy Perry would go doing this instead of Gaga? …u’d surely go ballistice over Perry for sure so get lose and get a grip…people have the right to see similarities between this and the other , specially when someone “gets inspired” by iconic stuff like Madonna’s Papa don’t preach…

    • Lady GaGa is a HOBAG

      Oh God…would somebody please shut these “little monsters” up already. They are so fu**ing ridiculous it’s not even funny anymore. They go off on these rants about how “talented” and “innovative” Lady GaGa is. Talented…why…because she can play the piano? Big fu**ing deal! Gwen Stefani and Britney Spears can play the piano too. AS WELL AS ALICIA KEYS…WHO IS WAY MORE TALENTED THAN THAT HACK. They all just don’t need to jump up and down on the piano like fu**ing orangutans and light it on fire to show how “talented” they are. Oh, and for your info “little monster”, that lighting the piano on fire sh** was done by Jerry Lee Lewis YEARS A GO. Another thing GaG Me has BLATANTLY COPIED.

      Her singing? It’s not that great. Most of the time she’s screaming. Her voice is nasally and mannish. Actually…her voice is quite ugly for a woman. Her voice in Bad Romance SOUNDS HORRIBLE. If you call that a “talented” singer…then you must have VERY low standards of what talent is.

      And yes…she blatantly copies Madonna. She is OBSESSED with her. She’s like a fu**ing stalker! Madonna BORROWED ideas from icons, usually glamorous movie stars from the past, and then she wove them into her OWN PERSONALITY. She didn’t outright STEAL their image, because she knew that would be ridiculous.

      Lady GaGa on the other hand does not realize this, because she thinks in her own DELUDED DRUG INDUCED mind that people are stupid and will see the similarities. Well guess what bitch? THEY DO! In any event…Lady GaGa can try and copy Madonna all she wants, but SHE WILL NEVER, EVER reach the pinnacle of success that Madonna has reached nor have the longevity. Difference between Lady GaGa and Madonna are that Madonna has vision. Lady GaGa has none. There is absolutely no continuity to her and SHE HAS NO SOUL. It’s all FAKE!

      Oh, and Lady GaGa, love the blue lipstick you’re sporting in the pic that you copped off Key$ha. This chick has NO SHAME whatsoever. It’s actually quite pathetic! I’d say she’s the poor man’s Madonna, but that’s too good for her. She’s basically a second rate Cyndi Lauper. I give her 2 or 3 more years and she’ll be dust. Thank God, because I am so over looking at that ugly ass mug of hers. Ewwwwwww!

  2. Jake

    RE: The Truth…it’s not that it looks kind of like Madonna, it’s that she kind of looks like Madonna for like the 100th time! Seriously was that necessary? Sometimes I think she copies The Queen of Pop among others just to be controversial and get people talking. I like GaGa but the music isn’t trail blazing and neither are her antics. She’s Madonna lite for those under 25 that don’t seem to know better.

  3. Oompa

    Oh Gaga. Retire now. You will forever linger in Madonna’s shadow.

  4. The black outfit Madonna wore in the 1986 “Papa Don’t Preach” music video was a rip off of ones worn by Olivia Newton John in the 1970s movie ‘Grease,’ one worn by Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s film ‘There’s No Business Like Show Business’ and Jane Russell’s in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.’

    As you can see in the photo on this page, Gaga is wearing blue lip stick. Madonna did NOT wear blue lip stick in the “Papa Don’t Preach” video.

    However, Felly (a model from the late 1980s or early 90s) did wear blue lip stick in music videos for Technotronic.

  5. Lol

    It’s funny how these stupid comparisons still take place, when we ALL know by now Lady Gaga is infinitely more talented than Madonna ever was or would ever dream to be.
    The website needs views, I guess.

  6. Lol

    Madonna’s more talented than Gaga. Deal with it.

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