Lady Gaga Thinks Everyone Wants To See Her Fail

February 11th, 2011 // 2 Comments

Lady Gaga shocked Anderson Cooper during their 60 Minutes interview which airs Sunday when she said she thinks the world wants to see her fail.

“We want to see people who have it all lose it all,” she said.  “They want to see me fail.”

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And given the harsh response to her much-hyped single “Born This Way,” that doesn’t seem to be too far from the truth.

“They want to see me fall on stage,” Gaga says, pictured in L.A. yesterday. “They want to see me vomiting out of a night club. Everybody wants to see the decay of the superstar.” And soon we will know if the new album lives up to people’s expectations or is the failure people have apparently been waiting for…

By Lola Robertson

  1. kate

    I agree, I think many do want to see her fail/fall but perhaps she should have listened beyond the message/lyrics of her song “Born This Way” and tried doing something a bit more original and fresh instead of going the safe route when in the game of music today “safe” is a dirty word;-) When artist release insanely hyped songs that fizzle I wonder do they listen to their own instincts assuming they still have instincts once gobbles of money cover their lives and creativity or do they listen to what other people think?! I hope for her sake the rest of the record is brilliant and I hope she finds herself in the remaining songs and not the lyrics, passions and sound from other artist!

    Imitation is flattering but being a dopple ganger is not!

    • jean

      I totally agree with you; I was sure the song wouldn’t live up to the expectations, but I never expected a Madonna imitation from Gaga, if anything she’s very original; I adore her&I also hope the rest of the album sounds better :/

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