Lady Gaga Talks Pure Love For Gay Fans, LGBT Equality In ‘The Advocate’

In the August issue of The Advocate, Lady Gaga reveals that regardless of what critics may claim, her heart is really in the struggle for social justice.

“My love for my gay fans is just pure, authentic love for them as supporters of me from the beginning, and me feeling connected to their struggles as someone who is a part of their fight,” Gaga told the magazine.

Despite accusations that her activism is superficial, the singer ardently supports marriage equality, ending the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, and AIDS awareness. Earlier this year, Gaga even cancelled a deal with Target after meeting with the mega-retailer’s executives, insisting that they support LGBT charities and organizations, and not being satisfied with the results.

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In The Advocate’s cover story on Lady Gaga, “Portrait of a Lady,” the artist and activist opened up about her LGBT advocacy and how she feels about those who try to tear her down. Read on for some of the article’s highlights and our favorite Gaga quotes from the interview.

On claims that she is using the gay community to sell records:

“To say that I would use the gay community to sell records is probably one of the most ridiculous statements anyone can make about me. I would say the top thing I think about every single day of my life, other than my fans, loving the music, and my family being healthy, is social justice and equality.”

On her meeting with Target:

“You’re either going to try and change or you’re not… Taking an ambiguous stance is not what I’m about, obviously. I like to go right for the ass-kicker. You’re either in or you’re out. I’m from New York. I know bullshit. I can smell it from a mile away.”

On the criticism she faces:

“Rumors, shots at me as a human being, that’s what comes with the territory of being a musician and being someone who is a public figure. I care only about what I can change. What can I push forward? How can I be a part of the fight for modern social issues?”

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