Lady Gaga Steps Out In Checkers & Fuzzy Mouse Ears

Gaga's Fashion
Gaga dresses up in another unusual outfit.
These costumes aren’t even weird anymore, they’re just inspiring a lot of Halloween ideas on a budget.

Lady Gaga stepped out of her hotel in London, UK on August 31, 2013 wearing a checkered jumpsuit and fuzzy mouse ears.

She has been sharing a bunch of tweets and vids to get her fans’ panties all bunched up for her iTunes Music Festival performance. 

Must admit, these rehearsal videos are pretty rad. She should totally perform like she does at rehearsals and ditch the unorthodox facade.

To get us more hyped, she tweeted a sexy lyric from her song:

There’s just so, so much effort toward making her new album, ARTPOP, relevant that it is impossible to not feel bamboozled into tuning in to her performance and listening to the album.

But, if rehearsal proved anything, it’s going to be pretty good, guys.

Check out the gallery  to see Gaga as a mouse. (It wouldn’t be complete without a picture of Gaga’s ass. I’m pretty obsessed with it, aren’t you?!)

And check out her rehearsal video for SEX DREAMS!