Lady Gaga Skinny Dipping With Boyfriend Taylor Kinney [PHOTO]

Taylor And Lady Gaga
Taylor Kinney and Ms. Gaga spent NYE in NYC together!
Lady Gaga, always the trendsetter as her music transcends and moves audiences worldwide. Her electronic music is her signature that became an almost instant success in Europe, but appreciated in the U.S. mainstream as well. This Hollywood mogel has quite a fan base with over 53M Facebook fans and 28M twitter followers.

An icon in her own respect, she has been noted for her countless jaw-dropping wardrobe selections. Lets not forget the all-meat dress ensemble she wore during the 2010 MTV Music video awards!  But it is not what she is wearing that the buzz is about, its the lack of any material in a newly released photograph of her and boyfriend, Taylor Kinney cozying up in a pool together nude. The photograph was posted to her twitter page with her caption’ T and Me’.

The twosome appear completely entranced in each others’ presence. The relationship lies beyond the photograph, surely this was a moment these two savored after the debacle in May of which, the initial drive for their separation was due to conflicting schedules. However, it is clear now that the two are willing to work things out to ensure a constant relationship despite busy work obligations.

The couple met on the set of her music video least year titled ‘You and I’ and they have been dating ever since.

That is not the only relationship that is kindling. Gaga’s dedication to her fans is clearly an unshakeable one. Recently the megastar posted a candid photograph of herself with new ink with the word ‘ARTPOP’ printed across her forarm. The signifigance? It’s a preview into the title of her upcoming album , of which may have been debuted on the streets in New York as heavy music was blaring from a vehicle while driving past adoring fans.

Another tidbit to look forward to– Gaga has a new fragrance called ‘FAME’ The blond bombshell tweeted about her launch of her perfume. “my 2nd ad for my fragrance! photo by Steven Klein styling by@brandonvance … via@LadyGaga

The star is working on overdrive, and is currently on her Born This Way Ball tour the star is headed to Europe to slay stadiums in Amsterdam, London, Paris and several more european cities!