Lady Gaga Shows Off Her Killer Abs & Her Sexy Bra

Lady Gaga And BF Skinny Dip
The singer and her beau Taylor Kinney in the water.
Damn, Lady Gaga. Looks like you’ve still got that perfect body going on.

The musical superstar, who’s been keeping a relatively low profile of late, was spotted in New York City today wearing just the minimal amount of clothing. Seriously, she’s basically wearing a bra. Luckily it looks good on her.

So how come she didn’t sport this outfit when she performed at Pride? Seems like it would have been perfect. Well, she is Lady Gaga so whatever she wears is basically perfect. So, when do you think she’ll be back on Twitter? 

Gaga recently shut down her Twitteraccount with the disclaimer, “This interface has been shutdown temporarily. Please check back for updates.” Think she’s getting ready to do something huge? I mean, I’d let her take over the world. Obviously.

Launch the gallery to check out some Lady Gaga skin. Here’s hoping she’s back to taking over the world super soon. We need you, Gaga. We need you!