Is Lady Gaga Revealing A Sex Change Through Her New Video, ‘Marry The Night’?

With Lady Gaga, nothing is as it seems, and that’s just the way she wants it. She is in London to perform on “The X Factor,” and she has been seen walking about town in a very girly and very normal outfit. But this is Gaga, and an innocent stroll is never just that. She has just dropped a new trailer for “Marry the Night” on her Twitter, and in it she adds fuel to the sex change rumors.

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In the video clip, Gaga is seen on a gurney with an IV drip. She captions it as “It’s not that I’ve been dishonest, It’s just that I loathe reality.” This, of course, has sparked a flurry of fan speculation, wondering aloud if Lady Gaga will finally reveal a sex change. The rumors began in 2009, when she was performing in Glastonbury and the cameras appeared to capture male genitalia.

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The only problem with the infamous rumors is that there are several public photos of Gaga in high school…. as a girl. But does that really prove anything? Check out these photos of Lady Gaga leaving her London hotel on November 12, and weigh in on the controversy in the comments!