Lady Gaga Pulls Off The Amy Winehouse/Pink Ostrich Look

When is the last time you went out looking like a giant bird? If you can’t immediately answer that, then you are no Little Monster, that is for sure.

Lady Gaga was spotted at a west London pub last night having some whiskey and brought the place to a standstill when she walked in in her platform leather heels and humongous pink flamingo-style dress, appearing to have been made from pink wigs. (Ah, so that’s what happened to all of Britney’s…)

Also noticeable was the 24-year-old’s big up-do, leather biker jacket, fishnets and quilted Chanel bag. And she even gave the paparazzi a few treats…

The singer recently had to postpone two gigs in Paris due to labor strikes so she figured she might as well have a break at the pub. She was even so gracious as to send milk and cookies out to the paparazzi who were awaiting her outside.

Gaga’s trip to London comes after she enjoyed a romantic holiday on the Greek island of Crete with boyfriend Luc Carl, taking a brief respite from her whirlwind world tour and work on her upcoming album.

God love the Gaga.