Lady Gaga Premieres Video For “Edge Of Glory” On SYTYCD [VIDEO]

The world premiere video for Lady Gaga’s single, “Edge Of Glory” aired last night during So You Think You Can Dance on Fox.  If you were hoping for a show-stopping number filled with sick choreography and hundreds of oddly-dressed dancers, then go back to “Judas.”  It’s important to watch this music video with no expectations, as Gaga did this one solo (albeit with the sexy saxaphone help of Clarence Clemons).

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It’s totally 80’s and at certain points you feel like you’re watching Flashdance.  I don’t know why, but I was expecting the video to be ethereal, more “white lights!” than dark streets of New York.  But after a few replays, it started to grow on me and I appreciated the solo act.   The first time around I couldn’t help but hold out hope for a grand ending, like a big dance scene a la “Born This Way.”  Entertainment Weekly put it best when they said,

“The Edge of Glory”is also really a one-woman ‘80s revue. The only thing missing is a shower of water to splash upon Gaga’s artfully backlit-body. Or for her to don boxing gloves and cold cock imaginary foes like Rosie Perez fighting the power. Her fire escape calisthenics unquestionably evoke Madonna, but if that snap-perfect electro-marionette move she twitches at one point before dramatically removing her sunglasses isn’t a tip of the hat to Michael Jackson, I don’t know what is. In fact, the whole thing seems like an eerie play on MJ’s macho-posturing for the ”Way You Make Me Feel” video…except that in Gaga’s quasi-apocalyptic vision everyone’s vanished from the streets.”

What did you think of the video?  Watch the video after the jump and sound off in the comments!