Lady Gaga Performs At The MTV Video Music Aid In Japan [VIDEO]

Lady Gaga’s latest campaign to promote Japan tourism has been going well, possibly because of her lucky green hair. After sporting some pretty laid back apparel upon arrival in Japan and premiering her video for ‘Edge Of Glory’, Gaga proves that success may be her middle name. And her excitement over the recent LBGT win in New York is tangible! According to Daily Mail, Gaga decided to ditch the green and sport a blonde wig for her charity performance in Japan.

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Seen here, singer Lady Gaga attends the Press Room during the MTV Video Music Aid Japan on June 25th in Chiba, Japan and during the MTV Video Music Aid Japan at Makuhari Messe. No one understands what the trick is with Gaga keeping her eyes closed, perhaps symbolism. But what we do understand is that Gaga looks hot and can dance like a champion! I’m loving the studs and spikes that only Lady Gaga can pull off in a regal manner!

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