Lady Gaga Nude In Marina Abramovic Performance Piece

Gaga's Malfunction
Lady Gaga has a fashion oops!
Lady Gaga appears naked in a strange performance art video inspired by over-hyped artist Marina Abramovic.

The video is stranger than any of her music videos, with the pop star chanting one note over and over again in various stages of undress.

At one point she is stretching up to the sky up with not a thing on her, while she is also seen naked in a forest, bending over while she continues her chanting. She is then seen sitting on a rock-sized crystal object, hair covered over her face – but still totally nude. 

Gaga is actually being taught the Abramovic Method, which is a series of exercises designed to heighten participants’ awareness of their physical and mental experience in the the present moment.

The clip is aimed at raising funds for the Marina Abramovic Institute, which is dedicated to the preservation of performing arts. A worthy cause, but not a very worthy bit of performance art.

Watch the video above and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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