Lady Gaga Makes An Early Halloween Visit, Rendezvous With Julian Assange [PHOTOS]

Lady Gaga is an experienced headline maker, without a doubt. Her outrageous outfits never cease to amaze us, and with her recent accident on stage, we know that she is capable of anything.

The American singer, songwriter and pop star recently launched her new fragrance, Fame, at Harrods in London this week. According to The Australian, Gaga had addtional destinations on her list.

She was spotted making a stop at the Ecuadorian Embassy where she visited Julian Assange. It was no pit stop either.

The forty-one-year-old Australian was arrested in 2010 for charges by two women of sexual assault. While seeking asylum in the embassy as his temporary home, the two spent a good five hours having dinner and… doing what? Perhaps Lady Gaga was showing Assange a preview of her Halloween costume. She kept it old school Halloween in her all-black gown and witch-like hat.

Even though Gaga holds her fashion dear to her heart, they couldn’t have possibly been talking about that for five hours. Could they? Let us know what you think about their mysterious meeting and check out the gallery for a peek at her ensemble!