Lady Gaga Clearly Loves Australia- Creates Special Concert And Does Club Gigs

Lady Gaga has a soft spot for the good old land down under and all her little monsters there. The Daily Telegraph reports that in addition to Gaga’s one-0ff concert in Sydney, Gaga played two surprise club shows in the Sydney area. According to them, Gaga’s Sydney performance is one that will never repeated again. She’s pretty much going to do a performance that no one else will be able to appreciate. You can catch a video of one of her club shows after the jump.

Gaga told the mag, “I am really excited. I’ve had all sorts of beautiful clothing made for the performance, special costumes just for that show. I built a stage just for this one performance. This is an absolute one-off. I did it all for my Australian fans. I’m not going to tell you the surprises. They would be so mad at you if I told you.” Only 800 fans were able to get their hands on a golden ticket for the performance. This is out of 25,000 fans who wanted tickets, mind you.

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But Gaga doesn’t forget any fan. For fans that didn’t have one of the 800 tickets, Gaga offered two surprise gigs at local Sydney clubs. Gaga played three songs at each before being quickly whisked off by security before someone tried to question her about her green hair. I’m she’d be fine with Nick Jonas running after her and singing, though.

Gaga is so fun. Even going to Bikram yoga in Sydney she look fantastic in a red get-up. For those who need some Gaga (right now!), remember that you can catch her club gig after the jump.