ATTN: New Bestie Alert! Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan & Lana Del Rey Have A Sleepover In LA

Pop Culture addicts explode in praise.

A new trinity of star power emerged on the fabulous streets of West Hollywood when Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan AND Lana Del Rey made the social rounds at celeb infused Chateau Marmont for a girls night on Tuesday.

One lucky stalker hotel guest said the girls had dinner in the hotel garden, followed by movie watching, wardrobe changes and ended it all with a sleepover! And although the ladies played nice for the night (even tweeting inside jokes to each other the next morning) Gaga has since deleted her tweet history to Lindsay.  Thankfully, our stalking skills caught the interaction before the delete, which included Gaga calling Lindsay a “skinny bitch” for ordering cucumbers for dinner.

Really Lindsay? Cucumbers for dinner? Ugh. #whitegirlproblems