Lady Gaga As Jo Calderone: 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

August 28th, 2011 // 3 Comments

Time to do a double take! Lady Gaga pulled the rug out from under everyone, yet again, by dressing as her alter ego ‘Jo Calderone’ at the 28th Annual MTV VMAs which aired LIVE Sunday, August 28th from Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Gaga dressed as ‘Jo’ once before in a photo shoot for Vogue Hommes Japan but fans didn’t even recognize her at the time. She made sure to perform at the VMAs with one of her idols, Brian May who is a member of Queen and helped co write the song, ‘Radio Gaga’ that inspired her stage name.

Not everything should be worshiped all the time, but Lady Gaga is without a doubt, a genius. While Katy Perry and others are desperately trying to catch up, Gaga is literally playin’ it cool with a male persona who claims to have ‘dated Gaga‘. And she made sure to spend the week prior to the MTV VMAs dressing relatively normal and pleasant. Some people may have expected another egg debacle, but this woman knows better. Well played Lady!

Lady Gaga is up for ‘Best Female Video’, and ‘Best Video With A Message’.

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Watch her performance…

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By Chelsi Archibald


    No She didn’t lost her mind. She stay ture to whatever she believe (character) and use it better than anyone i can think off. Sure there are lot of artist who come and go and leave us with their moments, but this is GAGA’s moment and a moment that will leave another mark in the history of making. You don’t see a lot people like her/him anymore now aday. So let this moment be a treasure, because 20 years from now when you look back, it was a moment of its time (not fake, but ture)

  2. Vikie Miller

    The performance was outstanding, I love her as Jo Calderone! I’m sad she didn’t win any more awards, I believe she deserves them the most. A Million congratulations to Gaga, we love you!♥

  3. Lady Gaga Jo Calderone 2011 MTV Music Video Awards Red Carpet Awards MTV VMAs
    Commented on this photo:

    She is a talented woman to change her looks at the mtv, awards she also made her voice sound likea boy! I give her credit for that!

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