Lady Gaga Is Tired Of Making Art, Becomes Art Itself In Picasso-Boy George Inspired Outfit

Lady Gaga Outfits
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Inspired in equal parts by Picasso, Boy George and Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga emerged wearing an intriguing ensemble in London today.

Fueled by the transformative powers of ARTPOP, Gaga has transcended the limitations of being a mere artist, becoming art itself. Note the Cubist figures adorning Lady Gaga’s sweatshirt, the corresponding makeup and the black hat + dreadlocks combination reminiscent of Boy George’s style.

The Artist Formerly Known As Stefani Germanotta sat down on Chatty Man to discuss another one of her inspirations, ageless space god David Bowie.

“I have not met him yet, it’s okay – you know I’m such a big fan, that it’s kind of this weird amazing thing that I haven’t met him yet…He’s sort of like an alien prince,” Gaga gushed. “He still runs my universe as well, like, every morning I wake up and I think, ‘What would Bowie do?’”

What a coincidence, because I too wake up every morning and think, “What would Bowie do?” I definitely don’t pry my eyes open, try not to die from overexertion, then wonder, “Are there any atoms left in my body than can face this cold, bleak world beyond my bed?”

Launch the gallery to assess Gaga’s transition from Artist to Art Piece yourself – and stay tuned for Mama Monster’s next appearance, in which she will literally become a Jeff Koons balloon animal structure.

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