Lady Gaga Inspired By My Little Pony!

Lady Gaga has said that she draws inspiration from many places – including fashion, pop culture, music, film, literature, etc. But My Little Ponies? Yep, even that too!

“I had My Little Ponies,” she told the Big Top 40 Show. “I was obsessed with the idea of a creature that was born with something magical that sort of made them the misfit in the world of the stallion.” She said that part of that idea helped her come up with the concept for her song and album “Born This Way.”

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And if you saw her video, you saw her fascination with unicorns, which she admitted: “I’m actually quite obsessed with unicorns. They are in essence a mythical creature so what I’m trying to say is the unicorn was born magical and it’s not the unicorn’s fault and it doesn’t make it any more or less special or any less unique but it can’t help that it was born with that magic.”

Funny how now she’s inspired her own My Little Pony!