Lady Gaga Hits Up ‘Good Morning America’ In Mostly Normal Clothes, Talks Fan Love

Lady Gaga And BF Skinny Dip
The singer and her beau Taylor Kinney in the water.
Lady Gaga has just been all over the place this week as she busily promotes her latest single “Applause.” And I love it!

Gaga released the video for “Applause” earlier today–I really like it–but not before hitting up Good Morning America to chat about the single. Gaga kept a relatively low profile earlier this year after breaking her hip on her last tour. Remember the Louis Vuitton wheelchair?

Gaga chatted with GMA about just how hard it was to stay away from her fans and not perform while in rehab for her hip. Check out the interview after the jump. 

She told GMA:

“I thought about nothing but my fans every minute since that tour ended. It was intense, especially because I’m such an active person and I love performing so much. It was challenging to stop performing. That was the hardest part, not seeing the fans, not performing, not playing the music.”

But Gaga still needed to perform, guys! “I actually rehearsed lying down a lot. I couldn’t help myself. I would play the song and I would do the choreography on my back and visualize the fans. I thought of them every second.” Gaga, you are very entertaining.

Also, After a week of seeing Gaga wear outfits like this and post videos of herself totally nude, it’s nice to see her in something fairly normal like these outfits. Don’t you love that these are considered normal? Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Gaga’s outfits and check out her GMA interview below!