Lady Gaga Has Barbie For Breakfast

November 1st, 2010 // 2 Comments

This may be one of the best musical myths I’ve ever heard, unless it’s true – which then would tag it with ‘best act of Barbie cannibalism.’ It seems that Lady Gaga, who was spotted above attending a private Halloween party as a bloody, and albeit far sexier-than-I-recall Cruella De Vil, recently beheaded a Barbie doll in concert and is said to have eaten the dismembered head.

  1. I don’t think that’s humanly possible.
  2. If no. 1 is incorrect, shouldn’t one cook Barbie’s head before consuming it raw?
  3. I would think Barbie would be poisonous, considering all the work she’s had done to maintain her flawless complexion over the years.

Having said that, don’t eat Barbie’s head…EVEN if you can. Or, at least put it on Youtube if you do.

Thanks to for the photo find!

By Justin Thompson

  1. Grace

    I was at Lady Gaga’s September 18, 2010 concert in Charlotte, NC where she did in fact behead a barbie doll someone had thrown on stage. She discussed her hatred for what Barbie embodies, ripped the head off with her mouth and threw it down. She didn’t EAT the head; that’s a bit ridiculous.

    • Thanks Grace! However, if she hated what Barbie stands for, she’d probably not be watching her figure as much as she does. Oh, the pressure gets to all women…that’s a fact of life.

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