Lady Gaga Goes Glitzy Down Under [PHOTOS]

Well looks like Lady Gaga has healed quite nicely since her concussion last weekend. The pop star was spotted greeting fans in Sydney, Australia this weekend while wearing quite the sparkly get up. Also, it’s super sheer. Like, hello Lady Gaga’s underwear. Not that we don’t often seen her underwear.

Gaga is currently touring the lands down under and is clearly a hit as evidenced by all the fans waiting to catch a glimpse of her. Do you think that’s her real hair that she’s colored and done up like that? Or does Lady Gaga only believe in wigs?

Take a look at Gaga’s morning eyes. No wonder she opted for some sunglasses. Check out all the photos of glitzy Gaga in the gallery. What do you think of her outfit? Personally, I think it’s pretty tame for a Lady Gaga number. Although maybe it’s got some tear-away feature we’re not privy to.