Lady Gaga Gives Birth, Lives In Space In ‘Born This Way’ Video

February 28th, 2011 // 4 Comments

It’s here, it’s here! No, not Christmas, but the new Lady Gaga video for “Born This Way” – which may nearly be like the birth of Christ to some.

Be forewarned, it’s a 7-minute epic filled with birthin’, dancin’, singin’, skeletin’ and more. While I appreciate that Gaga is wanting to be the Queen of Weird, I can’t help but think if there’s just a little too much going on in this video. And what bothers me is her dancing – she’s not one, so why bother with the same routine that she’s used in nearly every other video? And that bra and panty look makes her appear like a 12-year-old girl.


Give me your thoughts because I know you have something to say about this video, after the jump…

By Justin Thompson

  1. Chelsi

    It would have been much more enjoyable without the after birth. Or any of the birthing associated alien goop. If this is supposed to be an anthem to give people hope and uplift them, why not create something less dark and more pleasant?

  2. Leslie

    ummm wow…..whats with the skeletons? the song is very catchy but the video is just strange, granted most of lady gaga’s videos are strange but this is a little too much even for her.

  3. romeo

    she’s GAGA and that’s it.

  4. googlybots777

    She’s the first manly womanly celebrity to express her manly womanlyness !!

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