Lady Gaga Gets (Kind Of) Naked On The Cover Of ‘NME’

Lady Gaga talked about the process of writing up songs for her Born This Way album as a sort of 15-minute creative vomit session.  In her Gagavision video (check it out after the jump), the eccentric songstress explained, “I mean, all of the songs on the album, to be completely candid, the creative process is approximately [a] 15-minutes process. It’s 15 minutes of vomiting my creative ideas in the forms of melodies, usually, or chord progressions and melodies and some sort of a theme, lyric idea. And then I spend days, weeks, months, years fine tuning. But the idea is, you honor your vomit.”

And when her latest single Judas leaked April 15th, Gaga was in a bit of emotional pain.  She compared the leak to “a slow death,”  saying that fans and critics were tearing the song apart, “limb from limb.”

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HBO will air Gaga’s Madison Square Garden concert May 7th, and it will probably not disappoint.