Lady Gaga Fans Split Over “Born This Way” – Your Thoughts?

The reaction to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” is certainly divisive. The song debuted this morning and already people are weighing in on Twitter and Facebook and at the water cooler at work. Having listened to it myself here are my thoughts:

  • In the canon of Gaga music, it leaves much to be desired
  • I don’t hear the comparison’s to Madonna’s “Express Yourself” that people reference; that song was much, MUCH better and an instant classic
  • These lyrics feel so, so, so trite and I figured they would be as soon as she released the lyrics
  • Despite her attempt to tailor this to the ‘freaks’ – I, personally, don’t need you to pander to me and write an anthem. Didn’t your other songs resonate with a lot of people in order to make you famous?

What I do love is that anyone with a lukewarm reaction will be labeled a “Gaga Hater,” which is funny because that’s how rabid fans usually react when people don’t worship their icon (who releases a song about love, equality, celebration and unity). I’m not a hater of Gaga, but I see her for what she is – a pop music singer who is the ‘it girl’ of the moment in pop culture history. This song is not memorable like “Bad Romance” or “Poker Face.” I expect her to step up her game on this album. And I say this to Gaga, in the words of RuPaul: Remember, don’t fuck it up.


Listen to it after the jump! And leave me your comments…