Lady Gaga Dresses Down, Concerns The World [PHOTOS]

She’s either under the weather or just wanted a more comfy plane outfit, because Lady Gaga dressed like a regular person today at Narita International Airport in Japan.  The sunglasses are square, the nails are red, the coat is made of simple dyed leather.  Even the shoes are your basic Christian Louboutins.  Nary a spike nor a sparkle to be found.

VIDEO: Watch “The Edge Of Glory” Music Video

I’ve never seen this side of her, and it’s a bit alarming.  Is this what happens when a Gaga is down?   Things turn plain and green?  Here’s what.  Weird Al Yankovic released his parody of “Born This Way.”  I think we should all stop what we’re doing a watch “Perform This Way.”  After the jump, of course.