Lady Gaga Does Her Best Impression Of A Pantless Lumberjack

Lady Gaga's Penis Crystal
That's what it is, right?
“She’s a lumberjack and she’s OK. She sleeps all night and she works all day.”

Guys, it’s almost as if Monty Python’s “Lumberjack Song” was written specifically with Lady Gaga in mind. As if Terry Jones and Michael Palin came to the future, saw Gaga’s pantless lumberjack look and were like, “Yup, she skips, she jumps, she wears high heels, let’s make her a man and call it a day.”

At least that’s what I hope happened because that song is all I hear while looking at these Lady Gaga photos. 

The songstress was leaving a recording studio in Chicago last night–where we assume she’s visiting boyfriend Taylor Kinney–and had clearly decided on a comfortable look. Pants are so overrated. Also, does anyone else want to know what Gaga’s real hair looks like at this point? One night she’s talking to Andy Cohen about lesbians with wild, blond hairand the next minute it’s curly and dark brown.

Maybe one day we’ll find out its true nature, but until then launch the gallery and enjoy all the photos of Gaga’s latest look. Her fashion never fails to amuse me. Leave us your thoughts on her look in the comments!