Lady Gaga Appears To Be Channeling Lindsay Lohan, May Be Opening A Flower Shop

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Check out Lady Gaga's unique look for Terry Richardson.
I don’t know about you but whenever I see long, flowing red hair, I immediately think of Lindsay Lohan. I’m thinking a muted version of her hair in 2004, which were her Mean Girls days.

Lady Gaga appears to be inspired by the star, showing off her own impressive mane.

What is more impressive is how enamored by floral prints the singer appears to be. It’s not often that someone is so brave to wear double the floral.

I immediately think of a flower shop; though I’m sure that’s no surprise. Just imagine the eccentric bouquets you could purchase if she became a florist. Sweet aromas would fill the entire room.

On a normal day in the life of Gaga, we see her rocking some unique ensemble. Remember how daring she was on her 27th birthday? To see her in something that’s so tame for her is refreshing.

Now, let’s start placing bets. How will she try to surprise us now that we’re getting used to the idea of her in semi-normal outfits?

Launch the gallery to see the smiley star looking lovely; and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!