‘Don’t Kill The Superstar:’ Lady Gaga Remembers Amy Winehouse

Even those who were not close with the late Amy Winehouse are showing sorrow for her death and celebrating her life.

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During a radio interview yesterday, Lady Gaga spoke about Winehouse, admitting that while she did not know her personally, she felt a connection to the songstress.

“I just remember feeling like I wasn’t alone because she was so different,” Gaga said, according to the U.K’s Daily Mail.

Gaga, who revealed that she used to get mistaken for Winehouse before she became famous, said that she loved the singer “so much.”“Amy changed pop music forever, I remember knowing there was hope, and feeling not alone because of her. She lived jazz, she lived the blues,” Gaga tweeted earlier this week.

Over in London, family and friends of Winehouse gathered at her funeral yesterday. Although it is not yet known how the soul icon died, her father Mitch Winehouse told those in attendance that his daughter had conquered her drug addiction and that the family is planning to set up a foundation in her name to help drug addicts.

“It’s a lesson to the world,” Gaga said in her radio interview. “Don’t kill the superstar, take care of her soul.”