Ladies, I’m Sorry To Say, Jack Black Is Off The Market

March 15th, 2006 // 5 Comments

That hunk of burning love is off the market for good ladies. The multi-hyphenite has eloped with his short-time girlfriend Tanya Hayden. I couldn’t have pictured Jack Black in a formal wedding ceremony; it would come off as a bad movie.

Black and Haden, who met at Crossroads, a private high school in Santa Monica, only recently started dating.

“They love each other very much. We’re thrilled,” the bride’s father, jazz bassist Charlie Haden, tells PEOPLE.

Tanya Haden, a 34-year-old musician, is a triplet. Her sisters, Rachel and Petra, are musicians as well, having formed the band That Dog in the 1990s, and Petra recently released an a cappella cover album of The Who Sell Out.

The photos are from Jack Black’s upcoming film Nacho Libre.

Jack Black Elopes With Tonya Hayden [People]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Small Fry

    Pics please, I must see pics of her. What happened to Laura Kightlinger (sp?), wasn’t he dating her?

    P.S. Can’t wait for Nacho Libre’s release!

  2. Sarah

    NOOOOO!!!! [Falls to the floor weeping for lost love]

    Oh, wait, just kidding.

  3. mylilsin

    to answer small fry- 12/09/2005 – 5:26:07 PM

    Black splits from girlfriend

    Funnyman Jack Black has reportedly split from his long-term girlfriend Laura Kightlinger.

    The School Of Rock star is now dating animator Tanya Haden, according to US tabloid the Star.

  4. missnee

    hmm…isn’t his wife almost ready to pop? i could have sworn i read she’s at the end of her 2nd or 3rd trimester….and he only broke it off with laura in december? hmm…

  5. tia

    small fry i just saw some pics of his wife on perez hiltons website. check it out

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