Ladies You Can Stop Drooling! We Get It, Douglas Booth Is ‘Offensively Attractive’!

Douglas Booth
Douglas Booth on the red carpet.
Watch out Hollywood, a new hottie has submerged and he goes by the name of Douglas Booth!

It is in fact possible for someone to be “offensively attractive”; at least that’s how Emma Watson chose to describe the beauty that encompasses co-star, Douglas Booth!

Booth’s external beauty is as close to perfect as they come, which is a funny statement to say because in a recent interview he told NYMag, “external beauty is a bizarre thing to [me].” AWWW a mega chunk of hunk who has a deep side to boot?! It just doesn’t get any better than that!!

20-year-old Booth stars in an upcoming Romeo and Juliet, where he definitely will become the deadliest of heart-throbs! Starring alongside Booth will be Haliee Steinfeld playing Juliet and the devious Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick, playing Tybalt. The film is projected to be released in Great Britain in July.

Booth has an abundant future ahead of him with celeb costars like Mila Kunis, Russell Crowe, and Channing Tatum.

Enjoy the booming career Booth and have no fear, you already have your own tumbler fan account!