L.A. Welcomes the Beckhams with Open Arms

July 23rd, 2007 // 16 Comments

Hollywood power couples, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Will and Jada Pinkett Smith organized a star-studded private soiree to welcome the newly transplanted David and Victoria Beckham to Los Angeles. It’s basically Hollywood’s version of dropping by the new neighbor’s house to give them a casserole. The event was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Geffen Contemporary, which is located in downtown Los Angeles.

“It was so much fun!” a guest tells PEOPLE.

And it looks like it was. For a star-gazer like myself, there was plenty of high-quality people-watching to be had, with such Hollywood couples like Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy and Demi Moore and Ashton, along with a slew of some of Tinseltown’s biggest stars. It was a welcoming committee straight out of the pages of Us Weekly and we’ve got tons of pics. Lil’ Kim also made an appearance and bless her heart, appears as if she could appropriately be named “Scary Spice” these days.


Tons more photos (David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Eva Longoria, Melanie Brown, Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy, Rihanna, Matthew Perry, Serena Williams, Brooke Shields, Forest Whitaker, Adrian Grenier, Rita Wilson, Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Lil’ Kim, Melanie Chilsom, Stevie Wonder, Catherine Bell, Tyrese Gibson, Jon Voight, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer) from the party thrown for the Beckhams after the jump.

(Hint: To open larger images of the photos in a new window or tab, chose the photo, and use the right click option on your mouse.)


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Lordy lordy lordy! It’s like a Welcome to Earth party for Xenu! Jenna Elfman must have been busy. LA never needed a tital-wave more than that night!!!

    (i’d save Becks though! he’s pretty!)

  2. We may all be saved from the unbelievably bland horror that will no doubt be the Posh Beckham-Spice´s reality tv show, as she´s had a falling out with the network…

  3. green cardigan

    What’s with Katie’s BIG dress? Enough material there for a new set of sails on the HMS Britanica.

  4. Mike

    That group photo instantly reminded me of 2 sets of BLIND ITEMS and 1 set of new reality TV stars……….Mike

  5. Mike

    Who is that PIG in the black dress, showing ass-crack, with 3 eyebrows, bad skin, and 99 cent clumps of hair dangling down?….Mike

  6. Katie

    LIL KIM. LIL KIM…!?!?!?!? how did she manage to get her skanky ass into this thing?

    also is it just me or does jenny mccarthy have posh’s exaxt hair style?

  7. Katie

    LIL KIM. LIL KIM…!?!?!?!? how did she manage to get her skanky ass into this thing?

    also is it just me or does jenny mccarthy have posh’s exaxt hair style?

  8. green cardigan

    maybe ass crack is the new cleavage

  9. Persistent Cat

    How much do you think Posh wants to kill Jada for wearing that dress? You are to never dress similar to Posh, NEVER!!!!

    But seriously, ladies. When your body is awash in orange glow, could you stop over powdering your face so it’s pale? And L’il Kim, you’re not orange but you have the same disaster happening.

    Jenny McCarthy’s dress looks good in the thumbnails but up close, yikes.

  10. green cardigan

    Actually, I prefer the expression ‘builder’s bottom’ to ‘ass crack’.

  11. boring boring boring

    I mean really who cares for Posh, if not for that hunk of delish meat hanging on her arm??

  12. T-Bone

    They all look like oompa loompas.

  13. Ruby Jackson

    Poo on Will, Ashton and Forrest for wearing athletic shoes (kickers… as they say in Britannia)! How class-less.

    Katie looks ridiculous. Posh was probably rolling her eyes behind her back. Didn’t she learn anything?

    I agree… Jada really messed it up with that selection. What were the chances?!

  14. Ruby Jackson

    Oh, and it’s Posh who has copied Jenny’s hair style.

  15. petra

    I don’t care about the ugly comments here. Tom Cruise looks fabulous! His body looks tight and his face looks youthful. I can’t wait to see his next film. He looks like a star.

  16. dee

    where was Jlo, i thought they were good friends?

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