“Boys, Please, No Pictures! I’m Just Being Selfless And Providing! No Need For Flashbulbs! THAT’S NOT MY GOOD SIDE, YOU ASS!”

December 26th, 2007 // 4 Comments

Here’s a rosy-cheeked (DRUNK) Jennifer Love Hewitt serving meals to homeless people on Christmas Eve at the LA Mission. That’s actually a hot thing to do, but unfortunately the presence of photographers makes her look cheesy. But still – she seems like a nice gal and I’m sure people are grateful for a little star power. Speaking of cheese, there’s Spencer Pratt and his grandmother. I’m going to take it easy on him because I’m sure is Nana is a lovely person, but now I understand why the paps were crawling all over the place. That hooker called them. He can’t take a piss without a flashbulb going off. Hey, it’s the day after Christmas and I can unsheathe my kitty claws. Thank god! Screw you Jesus for stifling me!

Photos: PacificCoastNews.com

More photos of celebs at the LA Mission (Spencer Pratt and his Nana, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ross McCall, Krysten Ritter) after the jump.

By J. Harvey

  1. If she wants to be incognito, why is she wearing that huge nametag?

  2. Stewie

    We all know she called the paps to photo her self proclaimed Size 2 a$$.

  3. jude

    Everyone is down on JLH saying she is doing this for photo ops and publicity. Fact is she does this every year and each year at least one shot makes it into the tabloids. This isn’t the first time and my sense is she actually is a pretty decent person to spend her holidays helping others.

  4. PinkWeenie

    Ugly boyfriend, fiancee, whatever.

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