“Boys, Please, No Pictures! I’m Just Being Selfless And Providing! No Need For Flashbulbs! THAT’S NOT MY GOOD SIDE, YOU ASS!”

Here’s a rosy-cheeked (DRUNK) Jennifer Love Hewitt serving meals to homeless people on Christmas Eve at the LA Mission. That’s actually a hot thing to do, but unfortunately the presence of photographers makes her look cheesy. But still – she seems like a nice gal and I’m sure people are grateful for a little star power. Speaking of cheese, there’s Spencer Pratt and his grandmother. I’m going to take it easy on him because I’m sure is Nana is a lovely person, but now I understand why the paps were crawling all over the place. That hooker called them. He can’t take a piss without a flashbulb going off. Hey, it’s the day after Christmas and I can unsheathe my kitty claws. Thank god! Screw you Jesus for stifling me!

Photos: PacificCoastNews.com

More photos of celebs at the LA Mission (Spencer Pratt and his Nana, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ross McCall, Krysten Ritter) after the jump.