“La Dolce Musto” Is Pretty Sweet

If you enjoy the rambling pontifications of our bloggers here at ASL, you’ll definitely become obsessed with Michael Musto’s upcoming book, “La Dolce Musto,” which is a collection of his most over-the-top columns for the Village Voice, peppered with juicy celebrity quotes that you won’t find anywhere else. The New York Post’s Page Six reports:

Among the “Best of Musto” lineup: James Woods described Lynn Hirschberg, who once wrote an unflattering profile of him, as “a degenerate, scum-sucking pig. A [bleep]ing pile of unmitigated pus ripped from the [bleep] of a dead dog.” Bijou Phillips once told Musto: “I lost my virginity to [Lemonhead singer] Evan Dando. Now he’s terrified of me. He thinks I’m gonna call the police on him because he slept with an underage girl.”

…along with many more. It’s nice having a January birthday sometimes, cause you can always ask for the presents that somehow didn’t make the Christmas list.

CELEB ANTICS A MUSTO READ [Page Six | New York Post]

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