“La Dolce Musto” Is Pretty Sweet

December 26th, 2006 // Leave a Comment

If you enjoy the rambling pontifications of our bloggers here at ASL, you’ll definitely become obsessed with Michael Musto’s upcoming book, “La Dolce Musto,” which is a collection of his most over-the-top columns for the Village Voice, peppered with juicy celebrity quotes that you won’t find anywhere else. The New York Post’s Page Six reports:

Among the “Best of Musto” lineup: James Woods described Lynn Hirschberg, who once wrote an unflattering profile of him, as “a degenerate, scum-sucking pig. A [bleep]ing pile of unmitigated pus ripped from the [bleep] of a dead dog.” Bijou Phillips once told Musto: “I lost my virginity to [Lemonhead singer] Evan Dando. Now he’s terrified of me. He thinks I’m gonna call the police on him because he slept with an underage girl.”

…along with many more. It’s nice having a January birthday sometimes, cause you can always ask for the presents that somehow didn’t make the Christmas list.

CELEB ANTICS A MUSTO READ [Page Six | New York Post]

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By Lisa Timmons

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