LA Clippers’ Blake Griffin Goes Shirtless At Miami Beach [PHOTOS]

Clippers forward Blake Griffin sure doesn’t have any trouble with the ladies. Seen here at Miami Beach, Florida on July 15th, Blake struts his stuff and takes pictures with fans. According to the Los Angeles Times, Griffin recently accused Minnesota forward Kevin Love of cheating to achieve the league lead in ‘double doubles’ during the NBA All-Star series.

“The first game was rigged,” said Griffin “I lost that game. It was rigged. I came back and redeemed myself.”

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It sure seems like Blake leads a tough life, posing with bikini babes and kids that worship him. Dude’s abs are completely insane. Its surprising they still look good with those cheesy neon green swim trunks he is sporting. Whether he leads the league in doubles or not, Griffin sure is easy on the eyes.