Kylie Minogue Is Back In The Studio

It looks like Kylie Minogue is well on her way to recovery. She’s been making appearances, attending events, and now she’s back in the recording studio. Along with working on the new album, Kylie’s scheduled to perform a few concerts at the end of the year in Australia and she’s said to be in talks to headline at next summer’s Glastonbury festival.

Kylie Minogue told me she’s back in the recording studio, working on a new album, for the first time since she was diagnosed with cancer. The 37-year-old singer said she was feeling “good” and taking “baby steps” back into work.

She turned up at the opening of Elton John’s Lestat musical with Lulu and Scott Hoffman of Scissor Sisters.

“I’m working with a few people, just kicking some ideas around. It’s fun to be working again and sitting down and making music. “I’m taking it slowly. You know, baby steps. We’re taking one baby step at a time.

“It’s early days and I’m not sure what shape things are going to take yet. Really, what we’re doing is messing around in the studio with different people and seeing what comes up.

“I don’t know yet what songs I’m going to sing, or how I’m going to sing them, or what they’re going to be about.’

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