Kylie Minogue Gets Sexy in Lots of Leather

Actually, I’ll be honest, this outfit that Kylie’s sporting on her way to DJ at a party in East London looks like it’s a bit much, even for sexy little Kylie. Somehow, the dominatrix-in-leather look doesn’t seem to me to mesh so well with the cutesey-pie golden curls that Kylie’s sporting atop her angelic-looking head. But then again, Kylie might be trying to vamp it up for her upcoming battle in the charts against Britney Spears, who plans on releasing her new single on the same day that Kylie’s releasing hers. Either way, the designer of Kylie’s outfit–and the host of the party where she was to act as DJ–is Gareth Pugh and for all we know, he talked her out of the “cube-head” ensemble.