Kylie Minogue Celebrates Birthday With Sister Dannii

May 30th, 2007 // 5 Comments

What better way to spend your birthday than that with your sister. She has a lot to celebrate this year, despite her breakup with Oliver Martinez. She’s bounced back from cancer with great aplomb.

Both Kylie and Dannii were smiling broadly as they headed to the Rex Cinema in Soho together, with Kylie appearing to have moved on from the end of her four year relationship as she celebrated her 39th birthday.

Earlier in the day Kylie’s flat in Chelsea was inundated with presents and cards from friends and fans.


By Jessica Marx

  1. mike

    That wide-eyed guy in the background just heard Kylie claim it’s her 39th birthday.

  2. Sinead

    Isn’t she lovey yeah yeah yeah lalala

  3. Miss M

    Too much botox, the pair of them.

  4. emmy

    Where’s her married boyfriend? You know, the one who’s wife she publicly humiliated all over the world by going on holiday with him while the poor lady was 8 months pregnant.
    Kylie is a pathetic waste of space, she is so desperate for attention and desperate for a man.
    She will die old and alone as befits such a vile little woman.

  5. Snowflake

    Emmy, what you give is what you get returned. Don’t ever wish something bad to someone because the only person who will suffer it’s you.

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