Kylie Minogue’s Tour Looks Sick

In a good way. Madge better step her game up! Here’s pictures from the opening night of Kylie Minogue’s KYLIEX2008 tour in Paris last night. And Kylie was on! What have we got here? Bondage, electricity, wires, purple gowns, fetish. It’s a smorgasbord of gay! All of Kylie’s nine costume changes were designed by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Kylie is Jerry Lewis-big in France. She was just awarded the position of Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters by their Minister of Culture.

Kylie’s ex-dude Olivier Martinez was in the house last night, watching the show. Despite their break-up in February of last year, they two seem to have maintained a friendship. Or maybe he’s stalking her ass.

Enjoy these pics because Kylie appears to be unable to sell a record here. So this is the closest to her tour you’re going to get unless you hop on an international flight of some sort.

More photos from Kylie Minogue’s Parisian concert are after the jump.