Kylie Minogue’s Breast Cancer Was Originally Misdiagnosed

Kylie Minogue made an appearance on ‘Ellen’ yesterday, and she candidly discussed her battle with breast cancer.

She warned the aiduence that, ‘Because someone is in a white coat and using big medical instruments doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right.’

When Kylie was concerned about a lump in her breast, her first physician failed to diagnose that it was cancerous. It wasn’t until she went for another check-up that the disease was discovered.

Ellen DeGeneres is also a breast cancer survivor. She once had a mammogram that came out clear, but found a lump in her breast only a couple weeks later.

Kylie advised the audience, ‘You must follow your intuition and if you have any doubt go back again.’

The singer said later, ‘I don’t want to say that to frighten people but that’s just a fact.’

Photos: WENN