Kylie Gets Wet and Reveals All

Blackbook recently sat down for a cover shoot and interview with Kylie Minogue, the teeny, tiny global pop superstar (c’mon America, get with it already) to discuss her new album Aphrodite, her new love and that sexy video for her new single “All the Lovers.”

Here’s the 411 on the ‘view:

  • The video for “All the Lovers” is edgier, with an orgy of lovers piling higher and higher, but baby, that ain’t nothing like the Agent Provocateur ad that she did in the UK that got banned a few years ago – Ms. Minogue isn’t shy. Ask those gold hot pants.
  • Gays.Love.Kylie. Why? Let Scissor Sister’s lead singer and Kylie BFF Jake Shears sum it up: “If Madonna is the Wicked Witch of the West, then Kylie is Glinda, the Good Witch of the North. She’s like a beacon of light for the gay community.”
  • There’s a supposed musical in the works in the style of Mamma Mia. Hell, if Green Day can do it…
  • She reflects on the mess that was her last album, her tenth entitled X: “That album had some great moments on it, but, as a whole, it wasn’t cohesive. I think people wanted to hear something with more gravitas considering what I’d just been through,” referencing her diagnosis with breast cancer in 2005.
  • She’s happily in love with Spanish model Andrés Velencoso, who is downright gorgeous. And if you search, you’ll find some NSFW photos to see what Kylie goes home to at night.

By the looks of these photos from her shoot, Kylie is poised for another smash album, due out in July. And check out the photos from her surprise album preview in New York earlier this month!