Kylie Nearly Falls & My Other Favorite Celebrity Tumbles

Kylie Minogue performed her new single “Better Than Today” on the UK X-Factor last night and nearing busted her ass during her performance (around the 1:45 mark).

While I want no such thing to happen to the pop princess, it did make me think of other celebrity tumbles. Here are some good ones, including Lady Gaga falling, Rihanna slipping and Beyonce tripping down some stairs:

Kylie’s real fall on German tv a few years back:

Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child, who gets no help from those other bitches:

Don’t worry, Beyonce gets hers:

Rihanna has tumbled in her time too:

And Gaga of course always falls down:

Katy Perry’s cake induced trip:

However, the one we probably all remember and love is of course Jennifer Lopez:

What are some of your favorite celebrity tumbles? And did you ever see ‘Scarlett Takes A Tumble?’ You must!