Kylie Minogue Celebrates 5 Year Cancer Remission

Kylie Minogue, seen landing in Prague with her boyfriend Andres Velencoso while on her European tour, apparently was overcome during an Australian interview talking about her bout with cancer. She recently just celebrated her five-year anniversary of being cancer-free.

Minogue became tearful as she described visiting a children’s hospital ward when she was ill, telling TV host Molly Meldrum, “I was talking to some parents across the other side of a bed and their child was there. I was saying the things that I would normally say in that situation, just making conversation with the child, with the parents, giving them some support as well, and then they really caught me off guard. They just eyeballed me and said ‘How are you, and we hope you get through it’ and it’s like…”

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The singer then struggled to speak and left to compose herself, later adding, “The reason that that gets me is… the humanity of it and there’s certain moments where that really cuts through.”