Cancer Never Looked So Good

OK, now that may actually be the most tasteless blog title I have written to date. And this is coming from a woman who has had no problem using any and every possible vulgar description of male and/or female genitalia in previous blog titles in order to garner attention from her readers. In any case, I was referring to the following from Reuters:

Australian pop star Kylie Minogue has topped fashion magazine Glamour’s annual list of best dressed female celebrities after her battle with cancer, replacing last year’s winner, supermodel Kate Moss. The 38-year-old, on the comeback trail since undergoing breast cancer surgery in May 2005, was praised for her understated look, in contrast to the flamboyant costumes she has sported during her “Showgirl Homecoming Tour”.

Um, don’t tell the gays I made that joke. Aight?

Oh wait a minute–you are the gays. Dammit. My body is so going to be discovered tomorrow in a back alley in WeHo somewhere after I’ve been strangled to death with a Live Strong bracelet. And I shall have deserved it.

Kylie tops best-dressed list, topples Kate Moss [Reuters]