Kyle Howard Was “Selfish” And “Unsupportive” Of Lauren Conrad

The new issue of Us Weekly explores the reasons behind Lauren Conrad and Kyle Howard’s split, and it sounds like the My Boys star is kind of a d-bag.  Howard didn’t love that Conrad came from a reality show background, which is really petty considering Conrad is the most normal of reality stars.  “He saw the relationship as distracting from his goal of being the next Robert De Niro,” an insider tells Us. “He wasn’t supportive of her career.”

Howard wasn’t great at supporting his girlfriend; He rarely attended her business events and avoided hanging with Conrad and her friends.  “All of her friends can count on one hand the amount of times they’ve seen him,” claims the source.

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The fact that Grover from House Arrest thinks that he’s going to be the next Robert De Niro is laughable.  His newest claim to fame is a handful of scenes in NBC’s Love Bites.  Sean from Felicity is a bigger star in the series than this kid is.