Power Couple Ashton Kutcher And Demi Moore Support Sarah Palin’s Privacy

June 15th, 2011 // 4 Comments

This past weekend, new Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher and wife Demi Moore offered their support to politician Sarah Palin.

Although they backed now President Obama during his 2008 presidential campaign, PopEater reports that the couple is appalled at the fact that over 24,000 pages of emails Palin sent during her time as governor of Alaska were released to the media, hungrily anticipating an error or faux pas to criticize her for.

On June 11, Kutcher tweeted, “As much as I’m not a fan of Sarah Palin I find sifting through her emails repulsive and over reaching media #palinemail,” to which Moore replied when she retweeted his message, “So agree!”

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Perhaps the lack of privacy Kutcher and Moore have to deal with as well-known, successful actors allows them to sympathize with Palin’s loss of privacy upon the release of her emails.

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By Megan Patsavas

  1. Jennifer B

    Who cares what this “power couple” thinks. They are not from Alaska. I am. Failin Palin is the queen of back stabbing. It is not her personal emails – they are business emails which are open to the public. If you don’t know WTF you are talking about it is best to stay out of it. Makes you sound as stupid as she is…

  2. Jeri

    What’s going to happen when Ashton is working and he and Demi can no longer sit in the same room, look into each others eyes and tweet each other for public consumption. Their marriage will probably fall apart if Ashton can’t tweet all day.

    They’re just piggy-backing on Sarah Palin for some publicity.

    Sarah, Demi & Ashton, if you choose to take a public position you have to live with the consequences.

  3. Tory

    These people are idiots. Anything and everything you do on government e-mail, equipment, time, etc. is subject to open records requests. The tax-payers paid for her e-mail, equipment, time, they are entitled to know what that expense got them. The e-mails are so heavily redacted that not much has come out that people didn’t know about any way, so big f-in deal…..get over yourselves Demi and Ashton, nobody cares what you think!

  4. greengrass

    Public records are not ‘private’ as these two morons seem to think. Besides, Palin and privacy are two words that just don’t go together. She’s always opening up her life to everyone that she thinks will give her a second glance.

    As you guys have already pointed out they’re high on idiocy and very, very short of facts. I agree that these two are so hungry for publicty, that they’ll jump on any bandwagon. Morons always gravitate together sooner or later.

    See what happens when you don’t have a job!

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