Kurt’s Got A Boyfriend And They’re Gonna Smooch On ‘Glee’

*GASP*  Iamlovingthisnewssomuch.  My favorite Glee gay, Kurt (played by the illustrious Chris Colfer) will share a kiss with his new boyfriend this season.  Like a lot of things pertaining to the show, Colfer isn’t allowed to spill the beans on who his new boytoy is (although E! speculates it’s transfer student Sam, played by Chord Overstreet).   Colfer told Marc Malkin:

“‘I can’t say anything without getting in trouble these days,”‘Colfer
said. ‘We’re going to be the power couple of the school. We better be.'”

What sorts of hurdles with their relationship face? Who is the better dresser (Maybe not Kurt, who was spotted in striped tighty pants and doc martins between filming scenes for Glee)?   

But the part that made me smile the most was the blessing Mike O’Malley (Colfer’s on-screen father) gave.

“Whoever makes him happy and treats him with respect.”

That’s a mighty nice thing to say, Mr. Hummel.

Oh, and apparently the show’s co-creator, Ryan Murphy said that Santana (Naya Rivera) and Brittany (Heather Morris) would be smooching this season, which is old news because they do that anyway.  They’re slutty high school cheerleaders HELLOOOOOOOOO!