Kurt Warner Gets The Boot On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Last night was the last Elimination Round before the Semi-Finals on Dancing With The Stars.  The pressure was on.  The dead space of no dancing was definitely going to be filled by dramatic awesomeness, right?

Eh, not so much.  Instead, we got Dance Center, with Jerry Rice, Kenny Mayne, and Len.  Len, who went shirtless again.  Why must we fill the dead space with this drivel?  Bah.  We did get some singers, but those moments just remind me how bad my favorite songs sound live.  John Legend did save us for a few small moments, as did a baby composer and some baby dancers with crazy deer legs.  Well done.

Kyle & Lacey, Jennifer & Derek, and Bristol & Mark were safe, continuing my belief that everyone really likes Bristol, since she consistently comes in last.  Hurrah for Bristol!  Kurt & Anna went up against Brandy & Maks, but the mutual hatred of the latter two beat out our Dear Kurt.

Kurt is going home – sad feelings all around!  We all really liked Kurt here in my apartment, but you know what?  He’s one of the older ones here.  No one can really identify with him.  At least, not anyone who is texting in their votes for the show.  This is exactly why I worry about Jennifer.  At least she has Dirty Dancing to identify with the youngins.  Here’s to hoping she doesn’t suffer the same fate.