Brad Pitt Drooling Over Angelina Jolie’s Pregnancy Breasts

We appreciate em’, too, Bradley. Here’s Brad Pitt and his gorgeous companion, the inflated with pregnancy Angelina Jolie. Mouthy-ass Jack Black just blabbed to the world that she’s expecting twins. And it looks like she’s already dealing with another pair of twins. Those gorgeous ones on her chest! Hot damn!

Angie and Jack Black’s new flick, the animated Kung Fu Panda is being called “funny as well as frantic” by reviewers. Black voices Po, the heroic panda bear that learns karate and Jolie is Tigress, a kung-fu fighting tiger. It’s a kid’s movie. Unless you’re Mariah Carey.

Here’s some pics from a party for the movie at Cannes. Seriously, those boobs are turning me straight. I can ignore the pregnancy part.


More photos of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Dustin Hoffman and Jack Black at the Kung Fu Panda premiere after party are after the jump.