Kristy Lee Cook: Later, Bitch!

Photos: Getty Images

Please use the time you would normally spend on reading the first paragraph of this post to envision J. Harvey dancing a merry jig over Kristy Lee Cook’s dismissal from American Idol. Begin!

Kristy Lee, Syesha Mercado and Brooke White were all in the bottom three last night, but it was Kristy who got the axe last night. Good riddance. That slut has been begging for an exit since Day 1. Someone must have found the photographs she had of Seacrest and Cowell with the underage Thai boys they accquired via the sex trafficker and destroyed them. Either that or she stopped swallowing.

Kristy allegedly sold her horse to get to the Idol auditions. Why didn’t she just ride it there? Dumb bitch.

This doesn’t matter, because she’s just going to wrap her ass in the flag and go straight to Nashville and make millions. Alright, I actually don’t have this much venom towards her. I’m still sore over Chikezie, that’s all. Chikezie? Can you hear me, baby?